Ministry of Magic - Part 1

Those who only bring destruction are on the rise and we are slowly becoming refugees in our own world. The last battle is imminent. And believe me, they are prepared! 


€25 –30 % €17,50
Ministry of Magic Part 1 (4.3)
€25 –30 %

In order to know the plans of the Dark Side, we´ll have to look back for a moment. But how? Well, there is one possibility. But it will be challenging. There is a memory of one of Voldemort’s Death Eaters, who hid this object. I won’t have time to tell you more now. You´re clever, you´ll figure it out. But one thing is certain – you have to get it from him at all costs.

Today you have the opportunity to protect our home and our legacy. Without this memory, you leave the fate of the world to a chance. You must not fail!

How to play?

1.) Pick a game you want to play, order and pay via credit card (note - you may not be able to pay via mastercard because they have some restriction with online games).

2.) After successful payment you will recieve 3 emails - order summary, invoice and unique link to your game.

3.) You are free to send that link to your friends you want to play with.

4.) Wait for everyone to join and have fun :)

How online game works? 

1.) We photographically captured our real escape room build in Košice, Slovakia. Subsequently we graphically modified it to achieve the best online experience, in an interactive 360° environment as if you were in a real escape room.

2.) The whole game takes place on internet platform Telescape, which allows you to solve these puzzles, riddles and various tasks together and online (without a gamemaster or live avatar). Hints are available in game, if you get stuck.

3.) Number of players is not limited. But for best experience we recommend to play in team of 1-4 players.

4.) You can play it on PC, smartphone or tablet (we recommend PC or notebook).

4.) To finish your game you have 48 hours since you click on button PLAY.

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5.) If you close your game accidentally, your PC freeze or restart, clicking on the link will put you where you were before in the game.

6.) For communication with other team members use some call application e.g. Zoom.

Ministry of Magic - Part 1

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M Avatar of author | 23.4.2021
bola to zabava, vdaka :-)
E Avatar of author | 12.4.2021
we really appreciate the idea of having opportunity to go to an online escape room. We are big Harry Potter fans, so we liked the idea to be in Harry Potter world. Without hints and videos, we wouldn't be able to complete all tasks and it took us some time to understand the tasks in the beginning. We almost gave up in one of the tasks, where we were supposed to replicate the tone from an egg. We couldn't technically manage it for about 20 minutes. Luckily we did it and got out at the end.
LC Avatar of author | 1.4.2021
The concept was interesting; have to link codes together to create spells, being able to virtually be in the room. I'm rating it 3 stars for two reasons: First, all the puzzles were Harry Potter -related, but resolving the final puzzle, didn't really tie in to the storyline of finding the Death Eater's memory. Second, there was one particular technical issue in the second room that got my team stuck for almost 10 minutes (not because we couldn't figure out how to solve it, but because the buttons themselves did not replicate the sounds we needed to solve it. We even used the walkthrough video at this point to make sure that we were not mistaken, but we physically/technically could not get the noises we needed to solve the puzzle.) We almost quit the game completely at this point because the technical issues did not seem to be resolving itself. When we finally made it into the last room by fluke, we were now just finishing the game to "get it over with" - we were no longer enjoying ourselves. We had started off really enjoying ourselves, but the technical issues really left a bad taste.
ZR Avatar of author | 26.3.2021
we enjoyed the game, I think that more than Escobar. But maybe it is because it was our first time online game. We love your escape rooms :) I hope that soon we could play it live :)
MK Avatar of author | 12.3.2021
It was fun. It was great to be able to "go" to escape room with our "escape group" in this lockdown time :) Kind of sluggish UI, but better than nothing :)
JM Avatar of author | 2.3.2021
Coolest technology puzzles in the game and fun game ever I can’t wait for part 2 of MINISTRY OF MAGIC release
AB Avatar of author | 3.2.2021
It was really fantastic :) 360° photo of space was as real. The puzzles was great and unique, and music create the atmosphere :) We comunicated with our friends by ZOOM and enjoyed a lot of fun. I can't wait for the second part :)
V Avatar of author | 1.2.2021
We love real escape rooms and wanted to try it through the online experience. We played the game in two, it was a good time for us. Nice environment, tasks and audiovisual effects. Easy to control. Children and adults will definitely have fun playing.
P Avatar of author | 27.1.2021
It was a real fun playing this game, great scene, nice puzzles. Not an easy one, but we did it in 65min and surely will try the second one soon.
D Avatar of author | 26.1.2021
The game dragged me to the story from the start. Solving different puzzle was not so easy but we had fun during this game and we enjoyed it with the team. That feeling when you are helplessly looking at your screen and clicking through the room and then suddenly you solve the puzzle is definitely worth playing this game. It is not easy to escape from the online room but do not hesitate and try it. Highly recommended.
P Avatar of author | 26.1.2021
I played digital escape room for the first time. I'm really pleasantly surprised how my friends and I had fun. With 360-degree shots, you can look around like in a real escape room. Beautiful scenery, props known from Harry Potter movies and fun puzzles. I can't wait for the second part of this game.
S Avatar of author | 26.1.2021
Ministry of Magic is an online version of a real game. Thus, the riddles and puzzles are unique, interesting as well as fun to play. We played it on 4 computers, in 4 different locations, in 2 countries. Even if you played Ministry of Magic anywhere in the world, this game provides a unique and fun experience with your friends. We managed to solve the mystery in 1:18:05 h.