Ministry of Magic - Part 1

Those who only bring destruction are on the rise and we are slowly becoming refugees in our own world. The last battle is imminent. And believe me, they are prepared! 



In order to know the plans of the Dark Side, we´ll have to look back for a moment. But how? Well, there is one possibility. But it will be challenging. There is a memory of one of Voldemort’s Death Eaters, who hid this object. I won’t have time to tell you more now. You´re clever, you´ll figure it out. But one thing is certain – you have to get it from him at all costs.

Today you have the opportunity to protect our home and our legacy. Without this memory, you leave the fate of the world to a chance. You must not fail!

How to play?

1.) Pick a game you want to play, order and pay via credit card (note - you may not be able to pay via mastercard because they have some restriction with online games).

2.) After successful payment you will recieve 3 emails - order summary, invoice and unique link to your game.

3.) You are free to send that link to your friends you want to play with.

4.) Wait for everyone to join and have fun :)

How online game works? 

1.) We photographically captured our real escape room build in Košice, Slovakia. Subsequently we graphically modified it to achieve the best online experience, in an interactive 360° environment as if you were in a real escape room.

2.) The whole game takes place on internet platform Telescape, which allows you to solve these puzzles, riddles and various tasks together and online (without a gamemaster or live avatar). Hints are available in game, if you get stuck.

3.) Number of players is not limited. But for best experience we recommend to play in team of 1-4 players.

4.) You can play it on PC, smartphone or tablet (we recommend PC or notebook).

4.) To finish your game you have 48 hours since you click on button PLAY.

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5.) If you close your game accidentally, your PC freeze or restart, clicking on the link will put you where you were before in the game.

6.) For communication with other team members use some call application e.g. Zoom.

Ministry of Magic - Part 1

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