1.) How many people can play at once? Can I play solo?

Its not exactly limited. But you may expect some lags if too many people (8+) play the same game at once. We recommend maximum of 4-5 players for best experience.

Yes, you can play solo also.

2.) How much time do we have to finish the game?

After you click button "PLAY" you have 48 hours to finish the game. So you have a lot of time to complete :)

3.) How can I pay?

 You are able to pay via your credit card.

4.) I did not pay successfully, how can I pay again?

 If it happens, you have 2 options:

 1 (faster) - make a new order and pay again or

 2 (longer) - we send you another email with "Additional payment" option and you can try to pay again.

5.) When will I recieve link to the game?

 Usually it does not take more than 15 minutes. Occasionally more due to server maintanance etc. !Also check your spam too! 

 If you do not recieve your unique link in 30 minutes, please write us on info@escapeonline.sk and we will handle it for you.

6.) I did not recieve link to the game.

 If you do not recieve your unique link in 30 minutes, please write us on info@escapeonline.sk and we will handle it for you. !Also check your spam too! 

7.) Do I recieve an invoice?

 Yes, of course, right after you succesfully pay you will recieve an email with invoice.

8.) Do we all have to be on the same PC?

 No, everybody can be at home and play on their device.

9.) What happens if I get stuck in the game?

 We thought about that too. At any moment you can click on HELP in the game and get over a riddle. Some of our games also have "Walkthrough video".

10.) What If my computer freeze or restart in the middle of game?

 Don't worry :) If you open your unique link again and log-in you will continue your game where you were. Other members will continue to play despite your PC freeze or restart.

11.) How can I communicate with other team members?

 Feel free to use any available software to communicate. Mobile phone, facebook, whatsupp, zoom, skype, discord etc.

12.) Can I play on mobile phone?

 Yes, but we recommend laptop or PC. On mobile phone you may have some difficulties compared to PC.

13.) I have never played game like this before, is it for me?

 Absolutely yes. You will experience whole new level of playing escape rooms and a lot of fun guaranteed :)

14.) If I have already played the game, can I play it again?

 Yes of course, but everything will be the same (story, riddles, mechanisms etc.) Try playing 1 year later and you may forget about solving puzzles. 

15.) What will I win if I manage to pass the game successfully?


16.) Where can I find more games like these?


17.) What is point of the game?


18.) Where can I write feedback?

 3 days after you buy the game you will recieve an email with "Request for feedback". You can also write us on info@escapeonline.sk for more info.

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